The Berry Patch – Book Review

Bookmail Yay!!!!      I had such a good time reading The Adventures of Scout and Kit, The Berry Patch to my little one today.  This adorable story by Elise Monsour Puckett was fun, simple, and educational.       Brother Scout and sister Kit find a magical berry patch in which they learn to recognize... Continue Reading →

Lesson of the Day Do not hand your favorite hat to baby to entertain her during a diaper change until you know what's in the diaper.

Milk Stains On My Sheets

...and my shirts, my bras, my lap, my bath mat, my towels, my baby... Breastmilk gets everywhere! I had heard that a woman can "leak" breastmilk when her breasts get super full (engorged, a lovely term) and she hears her baby cry, or maybe another baby cry, or from some reason, when her husband gets home... Continue Reading →

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